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About Us


We’re a small pack of river junkie and newbie wanderers living in Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia. We proudly bring you the wonderful sides of Banyumas.

Topan Pramukti (The Hunter)

The man who always craves for wild and enchanting waterfalls, rivers and cliffs. He never stops exploring Banyumas, walk for thousand miles just to find those breathtaking pieces of this hidden paradise.

Kukuh Sukmana (The Camera Man) 

Our proud photographer and videographer. Taking along his photography gears wherever he goes, he's always happy to capture the beauty of Banyumas because he was a truly born here and he loves living here.

Rizky Stafyan (The Visual Artist)

A waterfall junkie who loves drawing. He makes sure that our blog and social media platform have stunning visual designs. And oh, he also our merry and joyful social medias administrator.

Pungky Prayitno (The Writer)

The one and only woman in our pack #drumrollplease. She’s the lady behind every word of this blog, the writer of our video script, the content conceptor. She loves blogging and will happily do it for Banyumas.

Bagas Nurrokhman

Anak magang. 

This blog is our gift to Banyumas, because we're excitedly stuck in here and we feel blessed. Enjoy!


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